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Myakka Regenerative Permaculture Farming Workshops



You are what you eat. Eating the right food is the natural way to heal your body, regain your health and harvest the good energy. Food grown with LIFE into the soil has a whole different healing energy to it. Growing your own food is so rewarding for the soul as well.

We are planning some powerful Regenerative Farming & Permaculture workshops at our farm. Anyone interested in hands on learning about edible gardens in Florida weather is welcome. Growing your own food is a labor of love and has become today's necessity. Knowing the basics of what to do and what not to do will save you money and loads of unnecessary frustration.


Sarasota and Myakka region has so much to often and you can grow such a wonderful variety all year round. Why don't we all stop watering those lifeless expensive lawn and turn our front and backyard into eatable food forest. The taste of a fresh picked cucumber is nothing like the ones loaded with chemicals found at the grocery store.

 Let's turn our land and balconies into life again and remove all chemicals from our soil, help reduce the red tide and nourish our surroundings.

 We love Great NEWS!!!

Our first workshop: Vegetable garden - How to grow a successful edible garden in Florida.


When: Sunday July 9th 2023

Where:The Objects of Magic Farm and Retreat located at 14900 Coker Gully: rd, Myakka City, Florida, 34251

Time: A full day from 1100 am to 5 pm

Grow your fruits and vegetables workshop  –  A Floridian Edible Garden

Lead by local permaculture Urban Gardner Deric Harvey President of Native Edible Abundance LLC. Deric is a landscaper and edible garden consultant. A local Sarasota gardner that has designed many "food forest" in the city. He can take any stamp of land and turn it into a mini fresh market. His knowledge of Sarasota, Myakka, Bradenton, Venice, North point region makes him a perfect source of knowledge for anyone looking to start an edible garden in the regions.

Be prepared to get dirty and be inspired to builds a beautiful edible garden in your space.

Bring a friend, or, meet one. You'll be glad you did!

Cost: $125.00

Register Here:

 Workshop will cover the following:

 - Basic of what you need and what's important to get started.

- Soil preparation

- Compost basic

 - What you can grow and when

 - What to avoid

- Lunch Break – Q&A - Lets Get to know each other - 12:30 to 13:30

- Hands on workshop Build a garden bed container.

- Basic irrigation tips

- Protecting your garden beds

- Q&A and Warm Hugs

Yoga from 5pm to 6pm for anyone interested.

Sign up HERE or email us for more information: love@objectsofmagic.com


Other future workshop in the making below. Stay tuned for future dates.

 - How to plan and grow a food forest in your Floridian garden.

 - Make good healthy compost - How to make Top quality compost

 - Getting chicken - How to get started and have healthy chicken

 - Poultry Butchering

 - Regenerative Farming for Beginners

 - Regenerative Farming - How to get Started

Future workshop dates and registration info will be available soon.

 Contact us if you would like more information call 818-793-7834 or email at love@objectsofmagic.com.