A New moon is coming Soon...

Happy New Moon & Happy New Year ! Double Happiness this Chinese New Year?

Today is Chinese New Lunar Year and February's New Moon! Are you ready for it?

Chinese new year is always a time we treasure. An opportunity to de-clutter the house before the lunar new year start. It's nice to get organized and clear the energy to welcome the new year.  It's so nice to have fresh flowers and make your surroundings and yourself shine.

We wanted to share what we do during Chinese new near and perhaps to inspire you during this lunar festival.

- We de-clutter our cupboards and garages... Good Feng Shui energy needs clear area to circulate freely. If you are disorganized all around, it will affect your clarity, your intentions and your motivations. When things are cleaned, tidied up and smell fresh, a sense of pride arises and positivity takes over.

- Donate old clothes and things you never use. Make room for new.

- We sage the rooms to welcome the energy of the new moon, to remove unwanted negative energy and thoughts. 

- We clean our crystals, we charge them in the sun and we reprogram them.

Once that is done, we write the Plan for the new year:

- What we want to achieve.

- Our goals in numbers and precision. We make them achievable.

- We write our intentions in all areas of our life.

The Aquarius new moon is one of the best times to set intentions, to reclaim your true aspirations. Magic is in the air!  Do take an advantage of it.

Tiger year is usually a powerful year. Tigers are brave, adventurous, confident, powerful, bold, energetic, active, and decisive. So expect lots of growth in your plans this year.  There will be challenges, as good things don't come easy, but the rewards will be great to the ones that are prepared to ride the wave of the powerful majestic water tiger. 

Life is better and richer if you have a plan and if you know where you are going. That is why we do what we do here at Objects of Magic - we have so much passion for the new moons and all crescents and phases of the moon. If you learn how to navigate the lunar cycles you can absorb lunar energy to grow and rest at the right times.

It's a bit like sailing always using the right wind behind you.

With your plan in hands, you will light your candles and set up intentions in all areas of your life.



At each full moon, She will cast a light on the areas where you are doing well with your plan and areas where you need to push harder to succeed. The moon will spank you a little if you're slacking. The moon is always watching over you :)

Most years there are 25 moons - 12 new and 13  full moon or vice versa.

This will bring you the reinforcement throughout the year that is needed for achieving your successes.


And of course we will make dumplings for the Chinese New Year!

Make sure that you have all the supplies you need for this new moon and the ones coming up. Email us at love@objectsofmagic.com we're here to help and guide you throughout the year.


If you are interested to learn more about the magic of following the moon, we recommend Lunar living by Kirsty Gallagher. This is a great book all about working with the magic of the moon cycles.

Happy New Year! May you achieve all your goals, be healthy and at peace this new year. May the Tiger provide you with the prosperity and success in everything you set your mind to.

Our gift to you, 10% off with code CNY2022 valid until Feb 28, 2022. 

With love and gratitude,

Jolie and the Objects of Magic Team