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Sound Bowl Healing Therapy











Sound Bowl Healing Private Session. Gaëlle offers a unique and transformative experience:
 Step into our sanctuary, where tranquility meets healing, and allow yourself to be immersed in the soothing and restorative power of sound frequencies. Every session is a journey tailored to your needs, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and rebalanced.

We invite you to book a 30-minute Sound Bath session for just $55.00. Sink into a state of deep relaxation as the resonant tones of the bowls wash over you. The sound bath is not just therapeutic, it's absolutely magical. You'll emerge from the session feeling a profound sense of calm and a positive shift in your energy.

But we don't stop there. We believe in the healing power of Sound Bowl Therapy for everyone in your family, including your four-legged friends. That's why we also offer PET Sound Bowl Healing Therapy for your beloved cats and dogs.



Healing therapy isn't just for humans. Our pets often struggle with issues such as anxiety, fear of being alone, panic attacks, and abandonment issues, particularly rescued animals. Furthermore, they can absorb their owners' stress and negative energy. As certified Sound Bowl Healer & Reiki Master Gaëlle Wizenberg notes, "Clearing pets' chakras is incredibly important. They are remarkably receptive to high frequencies, and we're witnessing some truly amazing results."

During therapy, your pet will feel at ease, often closing their eyes and resting. We recommend starting with biweekly 15-minute sessions. Many of our clients have expressed that they wish they had known about this therapy sooner for their pets.


Once your pet becomes accustomed to the therapy, we offer bowls for purchase so you can continue this soothing practice at home. Sound Bowl Therapy can help ease the discomfort of conditions such as cysts, tumors, and arthritis, and can also improve digestion and elimination. You'll notice a marked improvement in your pet's mood and energy within weeks, depending on their specific conditions.

Reiki and Sound Bowl Healing therapy can be a fantastic complement to your vet's prescribed treatments. Even before a major surgery, the calming effects of this therapy can greatly alleviate the stress for both you and your pet. We at Objects of Magic are committed to making every healing journey a positive one.


Sound Bowl Healing Therapy - it's the perfect treat for your loved ones, furry or not. Witness the magic it can do for them!

For more information or to schedule a 15-minute pet session for $35.00, visit our store or call us today.

Experience the transformative healing power of Sound Bowl Therapy. Rocco, an 8-year-old male dog, and Zoë, a 22-year-old female cat, are just two of our satisfied patients who have benefited greatly from this therapy.

Witness the magic unfold at Objects of Magic, where healing is our specialty.

30 minutes session - Sound Bath: $55.00

15 minutes session - Sound Bath  $35.00 ( For Pets)

PET Sound Bowl Healing Therapy for your best friend - Cats and Dogs :   We currently offer this treatment for cats  and dogs. Please bring a blanket or their favorite bed for them to be comfortable. For other animals please enquire first.Perfect Treat!­­ Heal Your Pets with Crystal Sound Bowl & Reiki Therapy.Animals can benefit greatly from Sound Bowl Healing Therapy. Many pets have anxiety,fear to stay alone, panic attack, abandonment issues, especially rescued animals. They alsoabsorb their owner’s stress and negative energies. Clearing Pets’ chakras is very importantsays certified Sound Bowl Healer & Reiki Master Gaëlle Wizenberg. They are veryreceptive to the high frequencies, and we are seeing great results. They are quite at ease,close their eyes and rest during the treatment. We recommend a 15 mn session biweeklyto get started. Many clients wished they knew before and had never thought about this therapyfor their loved Pets. We're trying to change that and create more awareness.

Digestion and elimination also can be improved. Your pet will feel a very soothing healing touch

and you’ll see an improvement in their mood and energy within weeks depending on conditions.

That is a real treat for Pet. Reiki and Sound Bowl Healing can be a great complement coupled with your vet's prescription. Before a major surgery, it can also calm your pet and yourself as it can be stressful for both and make the experience a lot more positive. We have great healers at Objects of Magic to assist you. Bring their favorite blanket or bed if you want them to feel even more at home during the treatment.

Experience the Magic it will do to your loved ones! Furry or not.

For more information visit our store or call us at 818-793-7834