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Sound Bowl Healing Therapy

We offer private Sound Bowl Healing Therapy session at our store located 2106 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, Florida, 34231. Book your appointment soon to experience the healing power of sound frequency.  A therapy that is good for everyone. You'll come out feeling amazing, Sound bath is magical.

30 minutes session - Sound Bath: $55.00
  • PET Sound Bowl Healing Therapy for your best friend - Cats and Dogs :

    We currently offer this treatment for cats  and dogs. Please bring a blanket or their favorite bed for them to be comfortable. For other animals please enquire first.

  • Perfect Treat!­­ Heal Your Pets with Crystal Sound Bowl & Reiki Therapy.

    Animals can benefit greatly from Sound Bowl Healing Therapy. Many pets have anxiety,

    fear to stay alone, panic attack, abandonment issues, especially rescued animals. They also

    absorb their owner’s stress and negative energies. Clearing Pets’ chakras is very important

    says certified Sound Bowl Healer & Reiki Master Gaëlle Wizenberg. They are very

    receptive to the high frequencies, and we are seeing great results. They are quite at ease,

    close their eyes and rest during the treatment. We recommend a 15 mn session biweekly

    to get started. Many clients wished they knew before and had never thought about this therapy

    for their loved Pets. We're trying to change that and create more awareness.

    Once your pet is used to it, you can even buy your own bowls and do it regularly for them in the comfort of your home. Many pets have cysts or tumors, and the release of blockage can help reduce

    and ease the buildup. Reiki also eases the pain of older pets having arthritis and other discomfort.

    Digestion and elimination also can be improved. Your pet will feel a very soothing healing touch

    and you’ll see an improvement in their mood and energy within weeks depending on conditions.

    That is a real treat for Pet. Reiki and Sound Bowl Healing can be a great complement coupled with your vet's prescription. Before a major surgery, it can also calm your pet and yourself as it can be stressful for both and make the experience a lot more positive. We have great healers at Objects of Magic to assist you. Bring their favorite blanket or bed if you want them to feel even more at home during the treatment.

    Experience the Magic it will do to your loved ones! Furry or not.

    For more information visit our store or call us

  • 15 minutes session  : $35.00

  • *Rocco - 8 years old Male dog patient
  • * Zoë -  22 Years old Female Cat patient

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