A New moon is coming Soon...

New MOON Retreat coming SOON!



We will celebrate the end of the Summer with our New Moon Retreat. Are you ready?

Grab your spot and be ready to discover your super powers. Let's get YOU Energized for the season and design the life we always wanted. Learning how to set intentions is life changing.

Time is to Retreat in fabulous Sarasota, in the lush gardens of the Landing. Five stars event, Five Stars Healers and leaders to inspire you to the core in a Five Stars Retreat.

Sarasota needs more serene retreats, connecting and being hopeful has never been so important to stay healthy. We are all experiencing too much stress from geo political situations. It's time to protect ourselves and our teams.

If you have a company and are looking for inspiration for team's spirit, team' s building, Team's health mindset, do join us to experience how powerful those mini retreats are. Taking your staff to a company party with dinner and drinks is not very powering for the teams spirit. Boosting your team Mindset's immunity is capital  today. Let us help you Re-Power your entire gang. Let's have some fun and let's bring more ways to manage stress and anxiety in today's reality.

Full schedule will be posted soon.

August 27th,2022 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Ticket on Sale :$299.99 Early Bird special - until Aug 10, 2022.

Ticket on Sale :$350.00 Regular price  - starting August 10, 2022.

Location:The landing Racquet Club, Sarasota, Florida 34231

Email :love@objectsofmagic.com


Mark the date, we have limited spots available therefore we recommend that you take advantage of the Early bird Special. and BOOK NOW:)

We love to light Magic in our community! Join us!

Be Inspired - Be Strong - Be magical


The Objects of Magic Team