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Essential Oil Bergamot
Essential Oil Bergamot

Essential Oil Bergamot

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Citrus bergamia 

It is believed that it is one of the most effective essential oils for fighting undesirable spiritual and psychological conditions. In old folk recipes this essential oil is often attributed the qualities of mood booster, while at the same time it helps to relax. Bergamot essential oil calms, revitalizes, helps to fight fatigue and stress. A bride’s bouquet, perfumed with this essential oil, will ensure the success of the future marriage. It is believed that by using bergamot essential oil and making a simple meditation/affirmation ritual, you can ask for or by giving it as a present you can wish for someone:

  • peacefulness of mind;
  • blooming youth;
  • growing abundance;
  • break toxic relations.

In old customs, traditions it is believed that every plant or aroma has its own magical purpose. Along with natural organic essential oils you will receive magical recipes in which each plant and its aroma will play a very significant aromatherapeutic and magical role and the main fragrance notes will complement each other with aromatherapeutic properties thus creating a high-end fragrance pyramid where each scent has its own place and is in harmony with other aromas. By choosing a magical recipe, you will be able to create your own blend of essential oils.


Magical relaxation blend

1/3 Bergamot essential oil
1/3 Frankincense essential oil
1/3 Lavender essential oil


Magical abundance blend

2/7 Bergamot essential oil
3/7 Patchouli essential oil
2/7 Myrrh resinoid essential oil


Magical youth blend

2/6 Bergamot essential oil
1/6 White pepper essential oil
1/6 Vanilla essential oil
1/6 Geranium essential oil
1/6 Atlas cedarwood essential oil


Magical purification blend

1/3 Bergamot essential oil
1/3 Juniper berry essential oil
1/3 Frankincense essential oil



Together with this essential oil you will get:

A detailed description of the purpose of natural essential oil; proposed recipes for essential oil blends ; a simple meditation/affirmation ritual that may help you to spread the powers of essential oil or your own crafted oil blends.