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Health Intentions Magic Candles Set
Health Intentions Magic Candles Set

Health Intentions Magic Candles Set

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Set of 5 Magic Tealight Candles Set.
Peach - Health

Put Yourself first and think of what you really need.
See how you feel, listen to your inner voice.

Find the connection with your body embrace that you are here.
Believe in you ,Trust Yourself, Compliment yourself.

Visualise how good you are and how good you can feel
Ask for support and strength to get healthy in mind and body.
Visualise all the organs that need repair and imagine a fresh pink and all the vessel bursting with life being rejuvenated as if you had a magic wand.
Visualise a clean bill of health from your doctor.
Have happy thought and speak of your illlness as if you already have conquered it and are on the mending recovery part.
Send your body positive reinforcement as if you are encouraging your own army.

Staying alive and healthy is after all an every day battle.
Let the universe help you and ask for support and you shall receive everything that you need harming none and helping all is how it shall be. 

Be well be Healthy.

Be Happy, Be stronger, Be you.
Count your blessings and realise how much you already have going for your happiness.

You shall receive just what you wished for.

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