A New moon is coming Soon...

Discover the Witch in you.

Gifts with Intentions is a store created for amazing human beings looking for support and extra strength while they are going through life. 

Every day is a different challenge and a different wish. We often forget to stop and smell the roses and take the time to set our goals, objectives and true intentions. Setting up intentions regularly is vital for peace of mind and success in Life. The power of Manifestations is real.

We wanted to make it simple and easy for you to find the must have items to set your surrounding  for success. To feel good, and or make you feel better when you need that extra assistance from the universe.

We carry many products that can help you to clear energy and reset your surroundings.  We offer many lines of magical candles powered with premium essential oils,  the Moon, Reiki, Witchcraft and much Love in their ingredients. We have High quality and high energy powered crystals, as well as all the smudging accessories. 

Objects of Magic is our own brand of candles, a perfect Gift with intentions. We have sets for most common needs. We offer subscription so you never miss a new moon or a full moon.

We are in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. We are a women only business. Our CEO is a world known entrepreneur passionate about creating a better world. Sustainability, nutrition, crystal, Reiki, hot yoga is usually on the menu and all through the years she has developed this natural surrounding to stay zen, to cope with the stress of motherhood, being a wife, being a boss, being an entrepreneur, being passionate about life. 

It's hard to stay motivated, It's hard to pursue your goals, it's hard when you are at the finishing line. In order to keep all the buckets fuelled she developed those habits and now she wants to share them with the world and hope that it will help others in the same situation and bring Hope and give back faith to who ever needs it. It's hard to BE. We need daily support and inner nurturing to be atoned with our super powers.