A New moon is coming Soon...

Just Disha Bio

Disha was living the dream - in Los Angeles, working in Hollywood, A dope house, an amazing husband and a darling little girl.  
Life was good.  
Or was it….
After years of suppressing and ignoring her childhood trauma a spontaneous kundalini awakening brought her past front and center.  
She’s spent the last five years deeply healing.   Along the way she learned to love herself and dropped the facade of the ideal she thought she was suppose to live.   
Earning and learning various skills, modalities and certifications along the way.  Reiki, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique aka past life regression), breathwork (Revelation Breathwork), TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises), NLP (Neuro linguistic Programing), EFF (Emotional Freedom Technique), Coaching (Laser coaching & Points of You), Sound bowls, vocal toning and Light therapy (Lucia Light) 
She’s currently enjoying every moment of her beautiful life in Sarasota where she holds space and allows for her clients to drop into their hearts and bodies to remember who they truly are…Pure love.  


Spiritual Life Coach & energy healer