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Career Path Intentions Magic Candles Set

Career Path Intentions Magic Candles Set

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Set of 5 Magic Tealight Candles.
Dark Blue - Career path Spell.

Open your mind to where you want  to land in your life.
See yourself enjoying your work.
See yourself singing in the morning while getting ready to go to the office.
What is is that you are good at?
What is your mission in life?
See your personal growth in from of you. What is it missing?
Light candle after smudging for maximum benefits.
Call the guidance you need harming none
Smile at seeing your new career path opening
Be mindful of other while marching your new career path
Respect your surrounding while you found your grounds.
Set Intentions for clairvoyance and intuition that will make you do the right move and give you the strength to change what you see is needed. and you shall receive just what you wished for.
Be grateful for the future. It's yours to conquer.

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