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Good Luck Intentions Magic Candles Set
Good Luck Intentions Magic Candles Set

Good Luck Intentions Magic Candles Set

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Set of 5 Magic Tealight Candles Set.
Warm Yellow - Good Luck Spell

Ready to Win?
Luck is a mindset. You make your own every day!If you have none today it's because you don't think about things with success in mind.
Starting today you will make an efforts to think about good Luck and success in any situation.
Visualise the perfect parking spot waiting for you and you will find it.
See an IRS letter, think of a refund check and you will smile opening the mail and check you will get.
There is no luck, You are lucky the minute you decide to be.
Act as if you already won. Ask for miracle when there is a problem that occurs and you will get one. And it's called luck when it happens but the truth is you manifested it all and it was all your own doing.
Light this candle and ask the universe to guide you to create miracles every day and to have a life full of good wishes and good luck.
That parking spot is here all the time, you just have to call it.
The dream house, the dream companion, the dream life...
Always say: Best Wishes, not Good Luck!

Warm Yellow - Good Luck

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